"The path of the

  righteous is like the

   first gleam of dawn,

 shining ever brighter  

           till the full

          light of day."

         Proverbs 4:18

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Over the years KHR has been blessed with a great group of people who have worked in the ministry. Amber Payne was with KHR right from the beginning when we started back in October of 2010. Jesse Snow was an active part of KHR for almost two years while he attended college at HPU. Today Amber lives with her husband Paul in Paris, France, where they have been called as missionaries. After leaving Hawaii Jesse lived for a time in Brazil where he learned Portuguese, and today he lives in Quebec where he is learning to speak French.

To learn more about Amber's story listen to her three-part testimony recorded on our Holy Hand Grenades podcast. To read about Amber and Paul's current status in Europe read their recent newsletter or visit their website.

To listen to Jesse Snow teach about the baptism of the Holy Spirit watch his video below:

Jesse Snow


Yes, the Holy Spirit is active and alive and working through believers around the world today!

Defending the Worldwide Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement          

Pastor Dennis Balcombe

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